Monday, May 19, 2014

Lil Ducky

Sometimes while nursing Wyndsor, especially late at night, I browse Zulily. I have found some great gifts and toy type stuff on there. I rarely buy clothes a) because I like to try stuff on b) it's typically nicer brands that I don't buy even on sale. The prices are good but sometimes not that good and you can't return anything.

A few weeks back I spotted these adorable shoes for Riesling. I ordered a pair of sandals for summer and sneakers in next size up. She is a dirty kid when playing outside but I still like to have a pair of "good shoes" for the library, birthdays parties, etc. Apparently I missed the part of the description nothing the special feature...
It wasn't until she had already tried them on and fell in love with them that I realized they squeaked! At first I thought it would drive me bonkers. But the girl was seriously thrilled out of her mind about her quacking shoes that I couldn't take them away, not to mention they were not returnable.  I must say they have grown on me over time. And I always know where she is. 


FINALLY! Spring is in the air. April 13, 2014