Monday, January 12, 2015


Last week Riesling woke up to the magic of snowfall.  It really was the tiniest bit of snow, maybe 1/2inch, but she didn't care.  The girl was beyond excited.  The video quality is terrible but the audio is so worth it....
In case you had any difficulty following along, any references to green, Wendy, Michael, John, moccasins or Peter are related to Peter Pan.  Peter Pan needed to get outside so he could fly.  Man oh man does the girl love Peter Pan.

Some of my favorite lines include:
"The snow is amazing!" and "I think the Reindeer are welcome to share one of their carrots for a snowman."  The singing while putting on her boots...also just classic Riesling. 

She just couldn't wait to get out in that snow.  She walked around in her snowpants for a good 20-30 minutes while I fed Winnie breakfast and had my coffee.  She nibbled on a bit of cereal and a few slices of clementines but she was just too excited to really eat.  

Then she tried to rally Winnie in on the excitement...

You want me to do what?!

Those do not look comfortable at all 
But after a little assistance for Big Sissy, Winnie was all set for her first outing in the snow. Altough still looking a bit uncertain.
Riesling gathered the essential supplies; a snowman bucket, a snowman stuffed animal, and a carrot.  This is a face of excitement.
 And off they go on their snowy adventure.  Not even looking back to see if dear ole Mommy is with them.  They are growing up way tooooo fast.  Next thing you know it is off to school, then dating, then out the door to college.  waahhh

Given the limited amount of snow and the freezing cold temperatures, our excursion didn't last all that long. But, Riesling was happy.  She ran, flew, and shoveled.  We built a teeny tiny snowman.  She ate a ton of snow.  Then inside for hot chocolate.
 "Yuuummm.  Hot chocolate! It does such a good job of warming my inside."