Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh the places You'll go.

Today brings a much needed day off. In a few hours we'll be en route to Maryland for a little weekend "festival." The old high school gang is reuniting for a weekend of responsible adult behavior. I love that we all still manage to find a little time to be together amongst the hectic burdens of adult live. None of us actually live amongst the hollow streets of the little town that laid the groundwork for our friendships. Several us even ventured off to the east coast, myself included.

I leave you with a little story from our emergence.

Trailer Trash
April 15, 2006

I wish I had some exciting tales from the Ohio valley to report...but the truth is not much happens around here. That's one of the things that brings me back and the thing that sends me away after 4 days or so. So far the excitement has included getting lost in the country and getting directions from trailer trash, getting together with old friends to mock our hometown, and trying to teach my 2 year old nephew to say banana split (which sounded remarkable similiar to spic!)

The trailer trash encounter was definitely the funniest. My sister and I were heading out to my brother's house with KFC (extra mashed potatoes...YUM) but were detoured by an accident. We ended up en route to absolutely nowhere. I was familiar with the first part of the detour. As teenagers we would head out on the back roads for various forms of entertainment that we perferred not to engage in near our parents. But, 10-15 minutes into the detour we realized we had not seen a familiar road/house/corn field in a little while.

We turned around to ask directions from some folks sitting on their porch. I can't even explain how ridiculous it was. If you are from this area you may have a better concept but for those suburban folks out there I will try to expand. The "house" consisted of a broken down trailer. My sister refers to the location as wood on cinder blocks in the middle of a trash pile. There were at least 4 dogs, 2 of which were definite in-breds. A little girl running bare foot from the side field yells, "hey daddy...look thats a car, a real car daddy!" The man of the house had a well managed mullet and gave us some damn fine directions, although it was a bit difficult to understand him thru his redneck accent. The yard consisted of 2 hollowed out old trailers which seemed to function as storage, a trash dumpster, and maybe a pool house (next to the mud hole). It was a classic white trash encounter.

The best thing about white trash people is that either they don't know it or just don't care. It's not like poor people in the suburbs who pretend to have money and bling-bling it with their Walmart jewels. The poor folks around here drive the worst possible cars you can think of. Most are held together with some kind of wiring, ropes, or junkyard product. They don't have cell phones, house phones, washers/dryers, or any luxury for that matter. They don't steal or increase the crime rate. At times you forget about the b/c they kinda seclude themselves to the fields which have no other use b/c the soil is depleted and nothing will grow there.

Most of these things where considered normal as part of my community while I was growing up. There were always the farm kids and the smelley poor kids. It wasn't until I got older and could drive out of this county that I realized otherwise.

Monday, August 10, 2009


"if you don't know where you're going then it doesn't matter which road you take. "

~Alice in Wonderland

Sunday, August 9, 2009

birds of paradise

While searching for inspiration for an art project for the kitchen (more to come when completed!), I discovered these adorable bird houses at Jars Of Cute.

plush bird house

Lots more fun and artsy stuff to explore. Check it out.

As you may have guessed my art project is themed around birds.....

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Loving the collection of eco-friendly toys for your favorite pooch at WestPaw Design.   A bit pricey if you've got a pup who is still is major destruction mode.

But a lot of the products are made from Zogoflex, "pliable, bounces, nontoxic, recyclable, and buoyant."  Sounds like a doggy dream come true.

This sweet little turtle is my favorite....

Friday, August 7, 2009


My alarm woke me up to this story on this morning.   

You have to listen to the audio just to hear the calm, beautiful voice of the 11 year old daughter.  

Home Inspiration

Oh Happy Day is right! I love this print and the price is really reasonable. It also comes in creamy yellow floral pattern.
angelo: HOME Cocktail Yellow Ivory Floral Ottoman

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I love doing nothing on Sundays but always end up feeling guilty that I'm not more productive. So, I welcomed a very rainy morning which gave Jim and I good reason to be lazy and celebrate the weather with a lovely brunch.

Complete with Mimosas served in our the champagne glasses from our wedding.  
Thanks Tricia.  They really are beautiful!!

Jim is a master breakfast chef.  One of the many reasons I married him.  I highly recommend Trader Joe's pancake mix.  They turn out so light and fluffy.  I made a berry blend to top them off with maple syrup. 

The Shore

Jim and I got up bright and early Saturday and headed off to the shore for a day trip. Being close to the shore is a major advantage of Philadelphia. Although this convenience comes with the aggravation of serious traffic issues. In order to beat the Saturday vacationers, we were on the road by 7:00 and cruising the boardwalk by 8:30.

We were pleasantly surprised to find the Atlantic City Expressway lined with beautiful wildflowers. It made the early morning drive even more enjoyable.

A long morning walk on the boardwalk, cat-naps on the sand, lots of sun and temperatures in the mid 80s, leisure summer reading, and warm ocean water with no was a perfect day!!

Good-bye... complete with cupcakes

Chocolate cupcukes with cherry frosting.  YUM!!  

In celebration of Dr. Riffle's departure.  

He is the sole reason I have been transferred to the Delaware office. 

Thanks.  Thanks a lot "friend."

Go ahead.  Move back home and leave me behind cursing my way to Wilmington every morning.

I hope you enjoyed your cupcake.  The one marked special for you and an extra special ingredient....hehe


We spent Thursday evening celebrating the arrival of Friday with delicious Mojitos and BBQ chicken. Jim used fresh mint from the garden and followed this recipe using organic cane sugar instead of powdered sugar.

We both agreed it could've been a little sweeter and I voted for more mint. After a bit of internet browsing I decided our next batch we'll try making mint infused simple syrup as recommended here. I actually enjoyed exploring the rest of her blog as well.