Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gluten Free Favorites

Some of my gluten free favorites right now:

*Food Should Taste Good chips. My favorite are the multigrain with hummus or the sweet potato, no dip needed. They make over 15 varieties but my local health food store only carries a few. BJ's actually carries family size bags of the sweet potato flavor, which just ends up being bad news for my waistline.

*RedBridge beer. With summer weather move in quickly I decided it was time to switch over from red wine to something a little more refreshing. Although I will partake in an occasional mixer, I'm not one for liquor on a regular basis. RedBridge is the only gluten free beer my local beer distributor carries, so I decided to give it a go. It's cold, refreshing, and taste like beer.

*Schar's Crackers. When I transitioned over a mainly gluten free diet, just gave up crackers in general. Recently after being hit with a 24hr flu bug I went in search of crackers just to sooth my tummy and ended up going for Schar's and got lucky. They're pretty darn good. Jim even likes them. The company has been making gluten free products in Europe for 30 years, so I think that is a good indicator of the quality and taste.

*Namaste Pizza Crust Mix. Pizza crust was something I tried about half a dozen or more brands before I found one I liked. The bag is enough for 2 crusts and has some yummy seasonings right in the mix. Make sure to spread it out a lot of the pan because it really bubbles up when you bake it. I like to brush it with a little olive oil too. In fact pizza is on the menu for tonight!

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