Friday, October 12, 2012


 I don't know why but this seemed like the longest, fastest week ever.  Makes no sense, I know.   I also can't make sense of the jumbled To Do lists I have scattered throughout my house, purse, and car.  For no good reason it just was a hectic week for me, maybe more mentally than anything else. Regardless, I'm happy that it's Friday.  I'm also happy that my favorite season is in full swing.  I'm craving anything and everything pumpkin, hot apple cider and a heaping pile of brussel sprouts! 

I'm afraid to actually write anything since my brain is scrambled plus  I only had one cup of coffee and it's nearly 1 o'clock so I will just shower you with links.  Perhaps an little light reading, some topics, of general interest, and of course a few recipes I will be putting to good use....

25 Vegan Pumpkin Recipes

My favorite way to cook brussel sprouts

Roasted acorn squash soup (we ended up with 3-4 random guys growing in our spaghetti squash patch!)

A few to follow up on my rant about healthy living....

Economics of Junk Food 

Debate over whether organic is actually healthier

Fast food vs. healthy food

And a  little parenting to top it all off....

Ideas for reducing sugar overload at Halloween 

Parent Like a Caveman

Cry it Out?

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