Friday, September 9, 2011

When it rains it pours.

That has certainly been true in these parts. It just will not stop raining! August was the wettest month in Philadelphia history with 19.31 inches and September is already off to a wet and dreary start with rain all this week. There is severe, severe flooding all along the Delaware River causing tragedy and heartache for some many homes and businesses, along with other locally flooded roadways and bridges, even closing a major expressway. It's not a pretty site and even more depressing to think that that they're forecasting more storms throughout the weekend.

We certainly have been fortune in so many ways but man o man do the little things add up sometimes....

Like our leaky roof. The leaky roof that started weeks and weeks ago during a long rainy weekend, which was followed by a long rainy week, which was followed by Hurricane Irene.

At this point the skies cleared and the sun shone again allowing the Nick the roofer and his crew to spend a day smoking cigarettes, repairing the roof, and taking lots of our money.

Did I mention that it's been rainy AGAIN all week and my roof is leaking AGAIN?! I'm serious.

While we were in Ohio my nephew crashed his new birthday bike, during his birthday party, in front of all his friends. It was rainy and slippery in the driveway.

He hates blood. He hates needles and hospitals even more. It caused quite the scene. He ended up with 9 stitches.

The whole thing was a bummer.

I have this gross mucous, phlegm thing that has been going on my whole pregnancy. There's lots of hacky, coughing, lugie hockin, and often it gets bad to the point of throwing up.

Really attractive stuff.

I had attributed it to just being pregnant in general. But it turns out that it's just being pregnant here that causes this lovely phenomenon.

During our recent 5 day excursion I didn't have one single problem and felt better than I have in months. But, within hours of being back home I was hacking and hocking away. And to top it all off I'm pretty sure the allergen to blame is mold.

I mean why wouldn't there be mold in this house?

And at 17 weeks along I can't seem to gain one damn pound. I actually weighed 2 pounds under my last check a month ago. To this point the doctors seemed sympathetic and unconcerned, contributing the loss to your typical first trimester morning sickness.

But, today I got the stink eye from my doctor followed by "you know some women think it's necessary to diet during pregnancy...which isn't true." I'm not dieting. I'm not even working out. I couldn't get out of the office without a few more additional "are you sure?" type comments.*

I took that to mean I should head to Starbucks for a grande decaf latte with extra whip and some chocolate goodness. To be followed by 400 calories and 16 grams of fat in Amy's gluten free mac & cheese for lunch.

And to round the week off the washing machine broke today. Of course it broke down filled to the brim with dirty water and soaking wet clothes.

I called Jim at work. He was so pleased with the news that he responded with "I have to go" then hung up. I took it to mean...."I'm super busy right now but I trust you to go ahead and head over to Sears and picked out a shiny new one that best suites your needs since you do 99% of the laundry services."

Some things are just a matter of interpretation....

*no worries. the baby is healthy and my doctor is confident I'll beef up in the next few months!

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Kim said...

Ditto on your blog post title! :) I've been off the radar for awhile so I'm just catching up. Glad to hear your survived Irene! :)