Sunday, September 25, 2011

Conquering the pink beast

We have about 300 half finished projects around here. We seem to get things 70% complete then move on. A lot of it is decor stuff that I am seriously indecisive about, some of it is just boring stuff that we're avoiding, and some it is pure laziness. I've been making list left and right and trying to get some stuff moved over to the completed column.

One such project...the pink beast aka our new buffet.

One of my patients was moving back to Oregon last March and planning to leave behind a lot of their furniture. We ended up snagging this solid, handmade pink hutch; a vintage hoosier cabinet; a really nice wood bench; small glass top table; and a cool rocking chair for a $100. Pretty good deal, right?

The hutch was originally two pieces with a really tall glass front top with crown molding. We already have the Craigslist Ethan Allen hutch in our kitchen/dining room, plus the height would've put it really close to the ceiling so we decided to just use the bottom as a buffet.

Months and months ago we gave the guy a good sanding, a layer of primer, and a coat of nice white paint.

On top I added an assortment of items I had around the house including: a basket of folded cloth napkins, a summery lantern, and a cake stand my mother-in-law didn't want anymore. The artwork is actually the front of a card I saved from our wedding in a frame I already had (I think it was from Target). I added a set of cool knobs that I had picked up on a random shopping at HomeGoods last year and we ended up with a pretty satisfactory "after."

Not bad for a almost free project! Especially since it helped fill in a really empty spot in our large dining room area.



Before..view from foyer

After...view from foyer

My biggest problem is that it still seems a little empty on that side of the dining area, especially looking in from the foyer or dining room. So my goal for the week is to get something hanging on the wall above the buffet. I've been debating and searching for the perfect thing for months now.

I have a large mirror from our old apartment that would be the perfect size, but it's a green, kinda distressed looking frame and I'm a little concern it might just be too much green going on in one place. It will probably involve having Jim hold up the heavy mirror repeatedly over a period of days in different lights for me to decide...we shall see.

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