Thursday, August 8, 2013


I have been  the most intense craving for donuts lately. Not just any donuts, specifically ones from Rod's Donut Shop in Uhrichsville, OH. You know just a quick 7 hour trip. There is something about this place that makes them a million times better than Dunkin or Krispy Kreme could ever hope to achieve. Growing up we use to joke that it was the lingering cigarette smoke that made the difference (Back in the days when everyone smoked indoors probably including the old lady making them every morning). That proabably sounds disgusting but i am telling you these things are legendary. 

At first I was thinking creamstick then recently I switched to salivating over a good old fashion glazed. I think it was after I saw a recipe in a magazine for grilled glazed donuts with strawberry cream dipping sauce. I can barely keep the drool off the keyboard right now.   

Truth be told. I don't even really like donuts. I remember having them on special occasions as a kid but honestly in the last 15 years I can probably count the number of those breakfast pastries I have consumed on one hand. 

So why now am I waking at sunrise with images of dancing little ring shaped fried dough fresh in my head for the a sweet night of dreaming? 

Why have I been absent from the ole blog for over two months?

Why did I lose 15 lbs and convert to a strict diet of toast and ginger ale for those two months ?

Before your imagination gets the best of you I'll just come out with it.....Robinson baby #2 is on the way! After surviving way to many weeks of all day "morning" sickness, I have finally come out of the fog and started to function as a real human being again. It was seriously a rough go this round. I think I may have signed some documents consenting to never again even thinking about having another baby. In fact I may have even sent Jim out for a vasectomy to ensure I never had to endure that level of suffering again. 

I am 15 weeks along with an estimated due date of January 30, 2014. We like our winter babies. I have plans to get some picture editing done and get some updated posts up on Riesling over the weekend. I know you have been lonely without me but you can wipe your tears away, I am back.

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