Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Night Chirper

You may recall that last month Jim and I were suffered from a rare form on insanity brought on by a crazy loud, annoying night chirp.  We did a lot of google searching and couldn't really come up with an exact species but there seemed to be a large population of people with complaints regarding crazy night chirping birds. In was really starting to disrupt our sleep (which is saying a lot since we sleep half the night with a rolling toddler punching us in the head), so the night following my post about it Jim decided to go on a hunt and capture mission.  I don't really know what his plan was in regards to catching a bird but the guy has no fear with that kind of stuff and was on a mission.

Yes you heard it right.  It was not a bird, it was a little tiny frog.  I don't think the video does it justice but the thing was so darn loud.  You could hear it all over our neighborhood.  Side Note: The reference to the beaver trapping expedition is a story for another day.  Pretty darn funny but possibly only to Jim and I.  Anyways....

We put some wet grass in the container and stuck it under the porch light for the night, since light seemed to stop the annoying noise.  After a bit of debate, the next day we dropped him off behind a gas station.  It's a pretty nice area with a little pond area, ducks, and other wildlife.  Plus it's far away from residential areas. Jim asked a few neighbors if they had noticed the sound (of course they had!) and relayed his heroic story.  He is the neighborhood superstar now. 

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