Saturday, April 19, 2014


A few weeks ago we had the worst no sleep week EVER around here.  Riesling was cutting a molar and NOT sleeping.  Winnie had some kind nasal congestion going on (not to mention she was only 6 weeks old and still very much a newborn) and was NOT sleeping.  All of this meant that Mommy and Daddy was NOT sleeping.  Since Jim has to get up for work and I'm nursing the babes, I took the brunt of it.  I was seriously getting 2-3hrs a night in short little 30-45 minute segments for 4 straight nights.

Along with general grumpiness throughout the house, there was various amounts of crying, tantrums, coughing, gagging, and general fussiness all day long.  Jim and I were both tired and starting to take it out on one another, the kiddos were just miserable, and there was just way to much negative emotion all the way around.

Thursday night brought an improved nights sleep and lifted everyone's spirits slightly, but the weekend forecast was rain, rain, and more rain meaning everyone cooped up in the house.  Friday morning I decided we all needed a change of pace.  I booked a hotel room in the city, made arrangements for Sofee dog,  packed up overnight bags and loaded up the car.  Jim works in the city so I sent him a text and told him we were picking him up for a surprise.  He thought we were going out for dinner.  I knew if I consulted with him he wouldn't want to go.  He would worry about the money or the list of things he had to do at home, which is exactly what I didn't want.  I made an executive decision and just hoped he would be happy to come along for a little family adventure.
It ended up being just what the doctor order.  The hotel was super nice with a luxurious king size bed, fluffy bath robes (even for Riesling), a candy station in the lobby, and a nice swimming pool and hot tub.  It was very kid friendly and accommodating to any of our requests. It may have been the best 24 hours of Riesling's life.  After dinner Jim took her swimming until the pool closed down. She did not want to get out of the water.  She got to wear her little robe and slippers and stay up late watching Finding Nemo (her first movie ever!) and eating popcorn in bed.  She woke up to banana pancakes in bed (we ordered room service) then headed out to the Please Touch Museum for the rest of the morning.  She seriously talked about it for days and days.

 Heading to the pool with Daddy.  She hasn't stopped talking about swimming since!

In some ways I felt a little guilty about the whole thing.  How spoiled are we to be able to just run away from a week of minor little troubles? But I realized it really was a special adventure.  We spend a lot of family time at home, in the garden, at the library or walking the block or our local parks. We don't spend a lot of money on activities.  It has been such a long miserable winter and a big transition for everyone with Winnie's arrival.  Not to mention I had travel points for the hotel, a gift card that covered part of dinner, and 2 passes for the museum, so it actually wasn't that expensive.

We were only gone for one night it felt like we had been on a weeks vacation. It was just nice to step away from the mundane day to day household parenting stuff.  We still had to take care of both kids obviously but it was somehow refreshing non the less.  Take away the laundry, cooking, cleaning, and everyday worries for just 24 hours and it really can clear your head. Not to mention we all had a magnificent nights sleep.  I have been shopping for king bed every since!

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