Monday, September 30, 2013

August Recap

In August, I started feeling a little better so we actually left the house for activities other than work and the grocery store.  The first big event was a trip to Paw's farm in New Jersey.  It's a small petting zoo and nature that Jim grew up going to and had very fond memories of.

He was really excited to share it with Riesling.  She was really excited that he did.  He may have been her best day to date.  Have you ever seen a kid so excited to see a cow?

She was seriously overjoyed by the entire experience.  She was trying to climb in the pens with the animals, especially the sheep.  She hugged and squeezed every bit she could.  It was adorable and a really fun little trip.  Way better than the overpriced, crowded zoo. 

The petting zoo was such a big hit that we didn't miss a chance to hit up the local Grange Fair.  This was equally exciting for Riesling.  I was beginning to get concerned that she would think there were sheep everywhere we went.  The ducks and, once again, the sheep were her favorite.  She had the opportunity to plant a few smooches on a sheep or two.

We also hit up the orchard for some peach picking.  Resulting in peach cobbler, peach popsicles, peach for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  YUM! And HooRay for feeling like a real person and eating food again.

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