Thursday, July 29, 2010


Today my worst nightmare came true.

I opened up my gym back after a nice 45 minute cardio work out and started through my routine. I quickly realized I was missing an essential bra!!

At some point in my life this probably wouldn't have been such a big deal. A day of free spirit, hippie loving and dancing through a field of wild daisy. Heck, on most weekends I'm bra-less 75% of the time.... But spending the next 9 hours wearing my doctor hat??!!

I quickly assessed my options....
(Keep in mind that I live a hour away and I'm suppose to be at the office in less than a hour, so stopping back at the house is out of the question.)

1) Wear the sports bra I worked out in. The gross, sweaty, unsupportive square piece fabric all balled up in my gym bag, just didn't seem viable at this point.

2) Go to work with no bra on and hope no one notices. Maybe I could hide it by wearing my white jacket all day...

3) Find the closest Target/Walmart and buy a new, which would most likely result in me being late for work.

I rushed through my shower and out of the gym with no make up, no hair fixin', and no bra, opting for #3. First things first. Where is the closest Target/Walmart? I send a ridiculous text message to my receptionist. no response. I call her until she's annoyed enough to pick up. She's laughing. "Get yourself a bra girl!"

and I did. Three actually. Fearing that one wouldn't right and I had no time for trying on. I chose a neutral cotton one by Gilligan & O'Malley. It's rather nice actually.

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