Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thank You Notes

I don't really watch late night TV. I actually don't really watch much TV in general, but it's a miracle if I'm up past 10pm, so late night shows are definitely out. But, on my way home last night I caught part of Terry Gross' interview with Jimmy Fallon on Fresh Air. Apparently writing a book is the popular thing to do, so he was on Fresh Air to chat about his new book, Thank You Notes.

In general I found the interview to be an enjoyable listen. Fallon was upbeat and quirky funny, which I like. And probably a little more funny because I've never seen his show, so it was all fresh comedy to me. Anyways, they also touched base on how he does a lot impersonations of musicians, including what I thought was a hilarious duet with his Neil Young and the real Bruce Springsteen singing a version of Willow Smith's pop song, "Whip My Hair."

The full article with links to the Fresh Air interview and other Jimmy Fallon videos, including a Bob Dylan "Charles in Charge" Theme song (not as good though), can be found here.

Speaking of Dylan, in honor of his 70th birthday XPN (88.5) is playing 70 Bob Dylan songs in a row. It's only available through the actual radio station and not the online stream because of some kind of online streaming regulations, so tune in if you're in the Philly area. Otherwise I guess you'll break out all your Dylan albums and make your own mix. He one guy I just never seem to get sick of listening to.

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