Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wreath crisis

My front door are naked right now. I finally took down the winter, pine cones wreaths about a month ago but just haven't been able to find something I like, and is in my budget, to replace them.

I attempted to transform this sad little wreath I found at Target on clearance but it's just not going to cut it. The size just didn't seem right, the little flowers were falling off and overall I just couldn't get a final product I was happy with. Not to mention that Jim was completely outraged by the fake, sparkling pears.

After a little web surfing I decided on a fabric wreath project. There are tons of tutorials online, some even involving a metal hanger, and it seems easy enough. As far as color, it seems like anything goes. It will probably take me a month to make that decision and another 2 months to actually start the project. I should have new wreaths just in time to change them for fall.


Rachelle said...

elli says "those flowers are so cute and i love you and miss you"

Mrs. Robinson said...

so cute! love and miss you too Elli!!! Too bad uncle Jim deeply hates fake flowers.