Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wine & Dine

My desire to feed other people must be genetic. My mother was always dead set on serving you if you were in our home and it was something that obviously made her happy. As a teen, my brother live in the basement and had his own entrance to the house, so it was possible for him and any number of people to get into the house without encountering her. She was a big fan of putting food on the stairs just in case they got hungry. Even if you were just stopping by for 5 minutes she'd insist you take a pack of those peanut butter cracker things with you. It obviously made her happy. Ask anyone of my high school friends.

Every single decision we've made regarding renovating our kitchen area has revolved around the idea of guest being here. I've said it so many times in response to such a variety of different questions that Jim just chuckles now. He's beginning to think I'm a lunatic.

We have now completed all major construction projects in the kitchen and I was able to find a sweet hutch on Craigslist for only $300 (including delivery!) to the dining room table I also snagged out of someone's garage from a Craigslist posting.

I declare this room suitable for hospitality!

In case you have forgotten what this lovely space looked like to start....

current dining room. previously known as the "TV room"

I can't believe we decided to get rid of that awesome drop ceiling. (insert sarcasm)

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