Monday, October 24, 2011

Bob Schneider

I love a last minute Sunday night outing, don't you? Last night we hit the city with a friend to see his favorite artist, Bob Schneider. I only knew the guy because I've heard our buddy Dan talk about him before but wasn't familiar with any of his music.

Apparently he usually performs with a band, but last night he was solo at the World Cafe Live. His lyrics were funny, sarcastic, and innovative and I was definitely audibly pleased throughout his entire show. The guy himself just has a comedic presence making the whole show that much more enjoyable.

He did a lot of on stage overdubs, which I thought was pretty cool. Ever time there was a heavy bass line the baby would start kicking like crazy. Baby likes bass. Actually I just assume that more kicking means the baby likes something. Heck for all I know it's just trying like crazy to get the hell out of there to escape the torture.

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