Thursday, October 6, 2011

Soup's On

The cooler temps have definitely put me in the soup mood. I really, really love a big bowl to warm me up on a chilly, crisp day. It's so fun and easy to make new creations. Soup can as simple as some veggies and broth or more hearty like chili or chowder. Last year I made a declaration to make a big pot of soup every week. I think I was on track for the first few months but things sort of drop off after that.

But, it's that time of year to get the soup pot simmering again! I already made a killer batch of butternut squash soup a few weeks back (I'll try to post the recipe tomorrow) and have my eye on this recipe for corn chowder for the weekend. But, this black bean soup is also looking very tempting.


What's your favorite?

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