Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday Gala: Chiro Edition

The last time I hosted a holiday party was with my roommates and some close friends back in chiropractic school. It was quite the extravagant affair. Since everyone was always wearing sweats pants and rarely at their best during class time, we decided to make it mandatory to dress up nice and fancy. You know holiday dresses & sparkles for the ladies and a shirt and tie for all the men. We had it catered with little stuffed mushrooms and nice hors d'oeuvres. There was lots of wine, special holiday 'jungle juice' and even a bartender. Like I said, fancy! It was also the very special night of Jim's first proposal....

The story goes that at some point during the evening I was taking trash out to the garage where a group was gathered. Jim was amongst the gang. Jim was so amazed that not only was I hosting the party and wearing a skirt and heels, but I was also taking out the trash. He was so amazed in fact that he was moved to the point of asking for my hand in marriage. This of course was all in good, drunken fun because we weren't even dating then. It was in fact almost a year later before he pursued any romantic interests with me. We even have a terrible little video that night of us reenacting his proposal. I unfortunately can not figure out how to download it, so a few pictures of the evening will have to suffice.

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