Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Last year we had a super lazy New Year's Eve but a busy fun New Year's Day. This year we pulled the 'ole switch-a-roo, stayed up late celebrating and playing cards with the Crookers followed by the laziest day of lounging and napping on the couch that the Robinson house has ever seen. Aside from making chili this poem is the most exertion thing I've done all day.....

A night with the Crookers celebrated the end of this year
Their little man Cameron, fast asleep by 8:15 made him even cuter.
We passed the time with fun and good cheer
But allowed only games with the weirdest of names like farkle and euchre.

Midnight chimed and the champagne was poured
With just one lone water glass for the childbearing gal.
Burning and choking as the laughter loudly roared.
She was struck in the eye and with the unexpected fizz required a towel.

Another year now behind us and we got some stuff done
The biggest of all a baby.
A new year filled with love and new kinds of fun
Twenty Twelve will be awesome, not even a maybe.

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