Monday, August 13, 2012


Our Friday actually started off a little bumpy due to what we later decided was lack of caffeine and poor communication, but it ended up being a spontaneous and fun evening. 

We headed over to Tyler State Park for a little family hike.  The skies were a bit dark and cloudy but  rain wasn't forecasted for a few hours, so we decided on a short trail so Sofee could run off her leash for a bit and then we would continue on the paved path closer to the car just in case.  Crossing over the bridge we noticed the water was pretty high with a strong currant.  Thank goodness we went for the short hike because 15 minutes later we came back to this....

We had no choice but to cross.  I had Riesling in the Ergo so Jim picked up Sofee and away we went.  We watched the couple in the picture came across (carrying a stroller overhead!) when we were on the trail side.  We informed them that the water had risen significantly in only 15 minutes.  A few minutes after we were safely on the parking lot side they starting coming back across and said that the water had gotten deeper and stronger in only the few minutes since they had gone over. 

We decided wet boots were a good reason to cut our family walk short and opted for a little country drive in search of ice cream.  We came upon the strangest little area. There was a garden center, a little gym, some antiques shops, a peacock & turkey, a train ride (only running on Saturday/Sunday). It was so cute but no one was there.  Riesling had a little dinner in the empty picnic area.

 Then Jim and I enjoyed some handmade ice cream from O Wow Cow. They use local & organic ingredients and have amazing flavors.  I had lemon verbena, Jim had some kind of almond chocolate.

Then for an extra special treat we got to ride a carousel. 

To celebrate the end of the work week we had a pizza picnic in the air conditioning.  Riesling got so enthralled with a dirty greasy napkin that she decided it was time she get moving.....

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Liz said...

oh my goodness! how exciting and CUTE!