Saturday, August 11, 2012


As Riesling started showing interest in pushing up to stand and wobbling around, I was encouraged by some fellow moms to get her some kind of jumperoo, exersaucer, or walker type device. 

My parenting preference is to be more engaged with her by carrying, holding, or babywearing.  We also do playtime together on the floor and she actually really likes sitting sitting in the highchair while I'm in the kitchen cooking or cleaning.  There are occasions when these scenarios just don't work, but I was still resistant to those darn jumpy things.   They are expensive, take up sooo much room and are overloaded with all kinds of crazy toys, bells, and whistles.  I could not find something that wasn't down right obnoxious. After a little internet searching I came across the go pod and decided to give it a try. 

 What a great investment it has turned out to be.  It folds up into a little bag like a camp chair, so you can bring it along 'just in case.'   There are little tabs to hang toys.  Riesling prefers just one or two toys at a time and spend more time chewing on the tabs than anything.  It adjusts to four heights for the growing baby and has a mat attached to the bottom so it's perfect for outdoors.  We put ours to use several times already...

Riesling chilling at the fondue bridal shower far away from all the sizzling hot cheese.  

Hanging on the deck on our pseudo camping trip with the Crookers last weekend. 

 I really can't believe it's not a more popular baby item. Everyone that see our happy lil gal hanging in her little pod loves it.  I guess it's the bells and whistles that sell.


Kim said...

I'm sort of out of the loop when it comes to new baby gear so I've never heard of this? I never purchased an exersaucer/walker/jumper for any of my other kids but this looks fantastic. My favorite thing is that it folds up! What a novel idea! Thanks for sharing.

Liz said...

I agree...thanks for sharing! We werent sure what to buy once Katelyn gets to the point where Riesling is. It's really a great idea for parents (and kiddos) that like to be outside.

Mrs. Robinson said...

It seems to be new to everyone. I actually ended up finding it at BabiesRUs too in some weird hidden section. I think it's just too practical to be popular :)