Friday, April 19, 2013

Letters from Riesling

Hello Friends & Family,

I have really been enjoying the nice weather and warmer temperatures recently.  There is so much to do outside.  Mommy blows bubbles for me and helps me color on the driveway with chalk.  I even have a little playhouse in the yard now.  My neighbor friend, Tatiana, got too big for it so she gave it to me.  It's fun to go down the slide and I'm still working on trying to climb back up the slide.  I also like to sit in the mulch pile or flower beds and dig for treasures.  I find cool stuff like worms, ants, leaves, and sticks.  If it's something new that I haven't seen before I usually like to taste it. 

A few times we've walked to the park near our house.  There are usually a lot of other kids for me to watch.  The slide is really big there and I need help from Daddy.  A few weeks ago I also went to a really huge park with my friend Cameron.  There was so, so much to do that I didn't know where to start.  Cameron ran around like crazy trying to show me everything.  We ended playing in the sandbox for a long time.  Mommy says I brought half it home with me but I haven't seen it since so I'm not sure what she did with it. 

Love always, 

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