Friday, April 12, 2013

March Photo Recap

We had an action packed month of March with tons of opportunities for cute photos, but these days I  either forget my camera all together or am too busy chasing Riesling around to use it.  I did get a few good shots and Jim managed to get a bunch of kinda crappy, blurry iPhone pictures too.  My favorite on the overalls.  I found them just before Easter on the clearance rack at Target (less than $5!) and have been obsessed with them every since.  Her big ghetto cloth diaper booty is just too darn cute.

March 2nd-3rd: Overnight trip to Conneticut for a weekend with the Levin family.  It was our goddaughter, Chloe's 2nd birthday party and Sarah and Rob's 10 year wedding anniversary and vow renewal ceremony.  We were honored to be invited to such a intimidate family weekend.  They are the kind of true friends that distance never alters.

Yes Sarah made that cake!

Riesling discovering girlie toys

Friends and their sweet baby girls

March 4th:  Mommy makes her first attempt at pig tails. Combined with an obsession over leg hugs,  it was just about the sweetest thing ever.

March 10th: Daddy puts Riesling's shirt on backwards thinking she is some kind of Italian guido.  These pictures don't do it justice but I couldn't stop laughing long enough to get a good shot.

March 18: Riesling gets her first grilled cheese sandwich...with kale and flax seed on gluten free millet chia bread.  That's what all the kids are eating these days, right?  More please!

March 23rd: Dinner and playtime with the Crookers. They recently had a wall taken down opening up their kitchen and dining room.  This pretty much meant lots of room for running, mainly Riesling chasing Cameron.  She hugged him no less than 50 times. She also found one of Lorraine's apron and insisted on wearing it. She has been into capes and scarves lately as well.   I guess we're entering 'dress up' stage.  And yes that picture in the corner is her licking Auntie Raine's oven.  I think she might have been try to kiss her reflection.  She's all about the love.

March 29th-31st: Stidd family invasion.  My brother and his crew made the long journey from Ohio to spend Easter weekend with us.  It was so much fun to see the kids playing together.  Riesling is at a fun age where she is pretty entertaining even though there is a huge age gap between her and her cousins (Jevin is 9 and Elliona).  Elliona has been waiting for this since Riesling was born.  She just wanted so bad to be able to hold her, carrying her around, push her in the stroller and play with her.  She got to do all of it and more over the weekend. 

We ventured into Philadelphia so they could experience the big city complete with skyscapers and a subway ride.  Family in town is a good reason to do some of the tourist stuff we wouldn't normally do on our own. 

Back at the Robinson ranch we had pizza, colored Easter eggs and watched movies after Riesling went to bed.  We even had a little indoor Easter egg hunt.  I really dropped the ball on picture taking over the whole weekend.  I got NONE of the kids together and hardly any of Riesling and her little egg hunt.  Jim did get some video action....

March 31st.  We ended the month with Easter dinner at Aunt Kathleen's in New Jersey.  Where Riesling received 3 more baskets of goodies!  Look at all those shovels...and a camp chair!

 I think that about sums it up.

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