Sunday, April 21, 2013

Watch & Listen

Currently Watching:

We seem to have watched a lot of movies recently, particularly the 'Best Picture' nominees for 2012. 

Argo.  Jim and I both really loved this movie.  Great story and great acting. Definitely deserving of Best Picture.
Life of Pi.  I started the book years ago but for some reason never finished it.  Jim did read it and I think commented that it was really similar.  Overall the movie was better than I was expecting.
Beasts of a Southern Wild.  I think I liked it more than Jim. I loved the eccentric fantasy style storytelling of little Hushpuppy.
Zero Dark Thirty.  Sometimes I still have a hard time comprehending jobs in the CIA and the fact that this is really what is going on in the world around me.  I thought it was quite similar to Homeland (maybe because we just finished watching Season 1 & 2 on Netflix a few months ago). 
Lincoln.  Snooze alert.  Honestly it took us 2 nights and we were falling asleep both times.  Maybe more intriguing for those history buffs out there.

Currently Reading:

I'm STILL trying to finish Anna Karenina.  Totally missed my March deadline (I knew that would never happen), but I have made some progress and may actually finish it in the next few weeks.  Other intriguing works of literature I've been working on include: Diaper-Free before 3, The Diaper Free Baby, and Baby Signs.  This is my life people.

Currently Listening to:

She & Him (prepping for their new album release), Trout Fishing in America (because Jim and I are nerds and love singing along), and a few Chris Kresser podcasts.  

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