Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I'm constantly amazed by how many new things Riesling is picking up on a daily....even hourly basis.  Her cognitive and language development is exploding right now. Her brain must be working triple overtime.  Just today she pointed out and said "bus" in the grocery store parking lot; she used multiple syllables with a double "B" sound in an attempt to say "blueberries" and yesterday she had me on a search for the "clock"....which I had no idea she could say or where she picked it up since we only have one clock in the whole house and it's in the guest bedroom where we never really go.  She now walks along the clothesline and points to each item and identifies it as Mama's or Dada's, using a plural sound and says a few two word combos like "Bye Bye Dada/Mama" or "My Dada."

We've have continued to use some simple sign language with her as well and she is definitely using it more on her own and we try to incorporate new signs for words/concepts we are struggling with.  She is really good at comprehending instruction or direction but doesn't always like what is being suggested.  We are really working hard on trying to get her to use words or signs instead or screams or cries.  We try to get her to start with "Mama/Dada" and follow with a word or sign such as "help, up, water."  Depending on her mood she can do really well with this.  We had a rough couple of weeks recently, I think mainly due to getting in her molars, and I noticed a lot more whining and crying than usual.  She seems to be getting back to her old self though.  That being said, her old self is pretty darn independent.  This girl knows what she wants, wants to do it herself, and is not happy when the situation calls for otherwise. She loves to explore, which I encourage but there has to be an understanding of danger and boundaries.  Such a hard concept to

She has also started with some imaginary play which is so darn cute.  She rocks her baby or Minnie Mouse doll and wraps them up in blankets.  She wants Bear to come to breakfast and tries to feed him and give him some water.  She loves putting slippers on Puppy and making him dance.  It's freakin' adorable.  As is this cute little face.  Run Riesling, Run.

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