Monday, June 3, 2013

Letters from Riesling

Dear Friends & Family,

I am so behind in my writing.  I have just been so busy with my perfecting my motor and verbal skills, I have completed neglected my other areas of study.  I know it's important and it's not a good excuse for not writing, but man oh man have I been having some fun.  I love running, jumping, climbing, and leaping all day long.  I don't even care how hot it is outside.  A couple of days it was really hot and I got to play in the hose.  Summer is going to be so much fun.  

I've also been learning to say a lot of new words as well as some sign language.  I love to say, "Mama Up. Up. Up" and in the morning I say, "Bye bye Dada" when he leaves for work.  I love Mama & Dada!

Love always, 

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