Monday, December 9, 2013


We have a lot of smoothies around our house.  I love them because they are so yummy & an easy way to pack in extra veggies and nutrients into your day.  Riesling loves them and asks for them almost daily (she even has her own special smoothie cup).  She has become quite the little helper and knows that banana, milk, and spinach (although sometimes it's kale) goes into everyone.  I switch up the remaining ingredients depending on what we have on hand, my mood, and what I feel like we need a boost of that day.

Today's smoothie:
1 Banana
Almond milk*
~1C. Spinach
~1C. frozen pineapple
1 scoop of protein powder 
1 Tbsp flax seed
1 heaping scoop of almond butter

We just throw everything in the Vitamix (my wonderful new birthday gift) and a few seconds later you have a healthy snack even your toddler will approve of. 

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