Sunday, December 22, 2013

This video was all over Facebook about a week or so ago.  Although I am typically not a very sappy person, watching it made me particularly emotional.  Riesling was half asleep, half awake trying to decide if her nap time was over while I nursed her the rocking chair (yes I still breastfeed... and I pick her up when she cries and try to rock or comfort her back to sleep...and she is almost 2.  Topics for another post...) with my iPad on low volume browsing Facebook when I came across the video.  I think something about that sweet comforting moment between us combined with some strong pregnancy emotions set me into tears.

We are surrounded by such a hectic, self centered world so much of the time.  I found myself thinking at that moment how I want to raise Riesling to be a caring, compassionate, thoughtful, and giving person and what a monstrous and nearly impossible task that feels like.  It just seems to be a rarity these days.  We are busy.  We are callused.  Maybe we just don't care enough.  Maybe we just need to try a little harder.

I do recognize that are really good people out there and actually try to surround myself and my family with those types. I try to raise Riesling by example and hope that most days my example is one that shows her that caring about other people matters, even in the smallest way.  I guess some days the weight of the world around just seems heavy, which has always been true.  It just seems a little heavier after you become a parent.

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Liz said...

I still pick Katelyn up when she cries and try to comfort her back to sleep as well! We did stop breastfeeding though...she would have kept going if my supply didn't disappear.