Monday, December 16, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We had a busy holiday fun filled weekend.  Saturday we hosted our annual holiday party.  This was our 3rd year and the first where weather was a complicating factor.  We ended up with a ton of neighbors and not so many of our 'out of town' (20-30 minutes away) friends.  It's always a lot of work getting ready but a fun night.  Plus, it's a good excuse for me to scratch some things off my "To Do" list and get the house in super clean pre holiday mode (all the reasons Jim hates the holiday party).

Riesling was a wonderful co-host, sharing all her toys and occupying all the kids in her basement playroom.  She was also adorable in her snowflake princess dress, although she refused the bow and tights.

 She actually stayed up the whole time (past 10:00).  Jim and I were both shocked since she is usually in bed before 8:00 and it was a busy night.  She had a mini meltdown, I tried to put her to sleep, she got a second wind, then ended up completely delirious. 

Sunday we made a trip to visit Santa at our local historic library.  It's such a great setting.  Not too busy and the Santa is very authentic looking and not creeping mall Santa looking (you can check out last years visit here). He is actually our neighbor and starts prepping his beard about mid summer.  He was at our house for the party on Saturday night.  When we walked in Riesling started pointing and saying, "Santa. Santa! In the kitchen"

 Jim and I both looked at each other like...'there is no freakin way she knows that he is actually the neighbor, right?!'  We ended up deciding she was referring to a Santa figurine/statue that we have in the kitchen.  It was just weird because there are other Santas on display around the house and she specifically said the kitchen which is where our guest the whole time the night before.

The actual Santa visit went as expected....
 Excitement from a distance
 I'm not so sure about this
 No Santa!
Ending with excitement from a distance

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