Friday, March 21, 2014

Another Week

*A rare quiet Wednesday morning moment. Does my side of the bed seem a little crowded to you?  No wonder I am out of bed slurping down coffee instead of snoozing away with them.

*I'm reading One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories by BJ Novak.  It's cracking me up! It's a collection of pretty much ridiculous stories that somehow you seem to relate to.  The short story format has been great too since I don't have too many extended periods of time to read these days.

*Wyndsor is growing like a little weed.  She is a sweet little baby that likes to cry every single freakin' night when Daddy and I are ready for bed.  Barely makes a peep all day (of course).  She is starting to "wake up" more and more; smiling and making adorable little faces. 
*I'm sure it is true of everyone's 2nd child but I have significantly less pictures of the poor kid already.  I tried this week to make an conscious effort to take more and ended up with about a dozen.  Riesling probably has about 100.  Let the younger sibling complex begin.

*It's Friday.  My goals for the weekend include: a trip to BJ's, making a final decision and purchasing a double stroller, and remembering to buy more dark chocolate.  If I'm really feeling ambitious I will vacuum out my car. 

*Someone has a bit of an attitude this morning....

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