Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Riesling

Just two weeks after Winnie was born, with Jim and I still very much in a newborn sleep interrupted fog, Riesling had her 2nd birthday.  I still can't believe my sweet little baby is two!  I was quite sentimental and a little weeping about her birthday.  She will always be my first baby.  The precious little girl that made me a mother.  
I am amazed at the little person she is turning into.  Everyday is certainly an adventure and learning experience, but I suppose that is just parenting.  She is such a little lovebug, full of genuine sweetness and concern for others.  We have to watch her closely in playgroups because she is a bit overly aggressive with her hugs and affection for others.  

Although I really have no idea what the 'standards' are for her age, I proudly consider her to be quite the little smarty pants. She knows her alphabet song, can correctly identify all the 'mommy' letters (she does confuse G and H often though) and most of her 'baby' letters. She can count to 10 and identify the numbers, although we it comes to actually counting items she gets a little questionable after 3 or 4.  

She LOVES books, family reading time, coloring and our trips to the library.  In general she is very attentive and aware of what is going on around her. You really have to watch what you say because she seems to always be tuned in and it often sets her off on a hunt for game, toy, picture, or piece of artwork we may have casually referenced.  She also immensely enjoys playing outside, especially in the garden with daddy. I can't keep her clean for more than 30 seconds outdoors.  This she has picked up from her father as well. 

When her actual birthday approached we decided last minute to throw together something special for her with just Mommy, Daddy, and Baby Winnie.  Jim stopped on the way home from work and picked up balloons (purple and pink at her request), we let her open her gifts from us and a few she had received in the mail from out of town family, and took her to Panera Bread and let her eat the mac n cheese and pick out a cookie.  It was actually a nice day so it worked out perfect because we got her a scooter.  She strapped on the new helmet Papa got her and jumped right on.  She was beyond thrilled. 
The following weekend we had a small party with her close family that live in our area.  We informed her about the party at the very last minute.  She went immediately to her closet and said, "I need a dress."  Seriously how does a 2 year (especially MY 2 year old) know that she needs a special outfit for special occasions?  We decided on this adorable hand-me-down with tights, mostly because of the pockets.

We kept the affair simple with more balloons, a little banner I picked up at Target, and some cute napkins with cupcakes on them that Riesling picked out.  Normally I don't mind cooking but I decided on a hoagie tray from a local deli and just had a few salads and dips to go along with them.  Aunt Becka was nice enough to offer to make the cupcakes, knowing I was a little on the busy side handling a newborn and a toddler.  She made the cutest little puppies!  Cupcakes in general are a rarity at our house, and I am by no means a fancy baker so this was an extra special treat. 

Which she most certainly enjoyed. Down to the last chocolatey crumb.

Although she slept through the majority of the celebration, Winnie was not so sure about the whole thing.
I'm sure big sister Riesling will inform her of the many advantages.  Her current list includes: balloons, cupcakes, and presents.

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