Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Well no green beer or crazy bar crawls for me this year (it's been quite a few years since either of those have happened). This year was just a tad bit more low key. I started the morning off bright and early finishing up some art projects with Riesling.  She has quite the talent for sticker placement.

This was followed by a much needed haircut for Mommy while the girls spent a little quality time with their "Gram."  She cute off almost 6 inches, although Jim said it's barely noticeable because I stopped styling my hair months ago and he had actually forgotten what it looked like down.  Long hair was just too much for this Mama to deal with.

After naps, I dug out some green for everyone to wear and managed to get the crew cleaned up and smiling for Daddy's arrival home.  I realize now that I own exactly 2 articles of green clothing, the shirt shown above and a cardigan.  Riesling had one t-shirt.  Apparently we don't wear a lot of green.  Except for Winnie, as a fashionable young baby, she had just the perfect thing for the occasion.
We ended the night with a festive dinner of green including edamame hummus served with blue chips, carrots, & cucumbers and gluten free pizzas topped with kale.
Riesling hogging the carrots.  
Overall a successful celebration of the patron saint of Ireland and another Monday survived.

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