Sunday, December 7, 2014


 We had a pretty low key but productive weekend here.  The tree is up, the house decorated and fairly clean.  Monday Monday is rolling around again.  Things I hope to get accomplished this week....

*Order Christmas cards.  I feel like I'm a little behind on it this year but hoping if I order them tonight I have a shot at getting them to recipients close to Christmas.

*Pick up random holiday decorations and craft supplies.  Definitely need to get a stocking for Wyn and a holder.

*Work on holiday craft projects. I have a few things planned for Riesling and I to do together...I'll let you know how it goes.  Very hit or miss with her these days!

*Shave my legs.  It is absolutely ridiculous that this is on my To-do list but it's been an embarrassing long time since I've shaved and at this point it will take a little time to get the job done.  I figure I'll pretend it's a spa treatment and even bust out the sugar scrub and fancy smelling lotions.

*Survive the DMV.  I need to renew my drivers license and have been avoiding it for months!  My 60 day extension with the online renewal is almost up so i have to get this done. BOOOO

*Clean the laundry room.  It is an explosion of random holiday decorations, sparkles, and irty socks.

What is on your list for the week?  Are the holidays taking over yet? How do you keep up with the day to day when the season gets hectic?

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