Tuesday, December 16, 2014


This is the first year that the whole idea of Christmas and Santa are actually a thing in our house.  I'm not sure that Riesling fully understands what is going on but she at least is catching on to the concept and is really excited about the whole holiday season.  She is loving some of the Christmas movie classics like 'Charlie Brown Christmas' and 'Mickey's Christmas Carol' and adores signing Christmas carols (I am trying so hard to get her on video but of course she always clams up as soon as I started recording).  As for Santa, the verdict is still out.

We went to visit Santa last weekend and her reaction was classic.  She was so excited on the way there (after some disappointment when she realized we weren't going to the North Pole) but immediate panic set in when she actually saw him.  She REFUSED to go near him at first, so Winnie took a turn....

That went well.  

I really wanted to get the girls together on his lap.  I dressed them in matching fleece and everything.  Riesling basically glued herself to the floor and refused to even wiggle towards him. 
So we opted for the family photo approach. 

She was clinging to my neck so tightly I could barely breath.  I couldn't help but laugh.  Santa is actually our neighbor and it just makes the whole thing even funnier.  She did end up sitting on my lap next to Santa for a minute long enough to tell him (or let me tell him) that she wants a soft Elsa doll and books...and Sofee dog wants bones. 

She lingered for awhile in the building and watched some other brave kids sit with Santa but she was sure to keep her far distance.  When we got into the car to go home she suddenly got little tears in her eyes and said, "Wait.  Did I get the stuff I asked Santa for?  Is it in the car?"   Poor girl.  So confusing.  She thought it was Christmas.  Actually makes good sense.  She knew Santa was the one in charge of presents and we did just see him....why the heck didn't she get any presents?! 

A little later in the day she says...."He wasn't as jolly as I was thinking." 

What are you talking about sweet little 2 year old...."Santa.  He wasn't so jolly.  That's why I didn't want to talk to him.  I think he was tired."

Sounds about right.  It is a long trip down from the North Pole.

Riesling's past Santa encounters:

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