Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2002 Meatballs

It's spring here in Philadelphia which has brought along LOTS of rain and not so much sun. I could use a little of the reverse, but I won't complain. When there's a spec of sun shiny through I race outside and try to overdose on Vitamin D. When it's chilly and drizzling like today I putz around indoors and overdose on coffee.

With my extended family dealing with difficult times, I have been doing some serious cooking over the past two weeks. Comfort foods of course, particularly things that are easy to reheat. First round was meatballs and a vegetable pasta casserole.

As much cooking as I do now, it's hard to imagine that way back in 2002 I didn't even have a clue how to make meatballs. I was in college living in a crappy little basement level apartment and only knew how to make about 5 things, mostly involving the microwave. One cold wintery weekend the girls and I decided on a little dinner party. Meatballs seemed like the perfect choice, cheap enough to make a large amount to fill up all the guys and easy to pair with pasta and a salad. I think we called a half dozen grandmothers, mothers, aunts, and other knowledgeable relatives until we came up with this recipe:

I still use the same recipe (although I usually substitute ground turkey instead of ground beef) and they have been loved by many over the years.

The lovely Sara with our feast
Hi Sara. Miss you!!

I just noticed that the microwave in the background is the same one I finally trashed about 3 months ago. Thanks little microwave we had a good run.

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