Wednesday, April 27, 2011


How's our new bathroom coming along? Well thanks for asking! There is a ceiling and some walls, and I managed I managed to pick out a vanity within our budget. There is a toilet in patiently waiting to be installed, along with new shower fixtures.

But, in all reality project new bathroom has actually come to a screeching halt. I can't make any decisions about tile, big suprise; there is a weird corner that we don't know how to sheetrock; Jim and I equally, although probably for different reasons, hate the process of finishing drywall so have just avoided it all together hoping for the magic bathroom fairy to show up in the middle of the night; and it's spring.

Which means that we've moved onto a frenzy of outdoor landscaping & gardening projects...

One year ago....

First things first. Clear out all the stupid, half dead, overgrown shrubs. I hate shrubs that just grow into one another turning into some kind of strange, poorly shaped barrier. We started this project last year but still had a long way to go.

I took charge and had the front and side cleared in less than 30 minutes. There are times that you need to call in the professionals and this was one of them. Now that 90% of the shrubs are gone, Jim and I can focus on cleaning out and preparing the soil for new, beautiful plants. Which is no easy feat either. After a full day of work last Sunday it's not even enough change to even give you an after picture. Sad. But, I'll take the outdoors over dusty drywall work any day.

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