Thursday, April 21, 2011

Seattle. Part II

Considering that my trip to Seattle was brief and pretty much eventful, there is now reason for a two part series. I was mostly running short on time with a smidge of ADD setting in, so I cut it short tagged on a Part I to the title. I basically walked up, down, and all around drinking a bazillion cups of coffee from different little cafes and coffee shops.

Maybe I should mention that I was flying solo on the west coast, so browsing around with no purpose was just fine with me.

I also browsed through the Pike Place market...

And some lovely artichokes...
The flowers were abundant & absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure they would've brightened up the hotel room, but I felt guilty only getting 2 days of enjoyment out of them so I passed on buying any. It was really tempting, especially since the price was pretty darn cheap. I ended up with some dried strawberries, fresh roasted nuts, 2 apples.

The seafood was even more abundant, which is not the best thing for a girl with serious shellfish allergies. I'm surprised breathing as I walked by didn't put me into anaphylactic shock.

After an overpriced, mediocre dinner at the hotel bar, complete with the company of a 24 year Oregon kid telling me beer drinking stories, I ended the evening with a bottle of wine from the gas station next door. I know, I know...stop the excitement.

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