Sunday, February 5, 2012

Come out and play Baby!

I'm officially on maternity leave. I think it was more for the patients than me. They were started to suddenly have no complaints and only concerns about the baby and whether or not it was actually Ok for me to still be working. Good peps I have in my office. Now I just have to figure out how to fill up my endless days and nights.

Things have been pretty low key recently. No major house projects. No travel or adventure (obviously). I haven't even been cooking anything new or exciting. We've just kinda been sticking to a wintery routine of walking the neighborhood, running errands, and getting things organized around the house. But now that we've accomplished that and Baby is still not here.....

What did you do while waiting for your first baby to arrive?
Any book or movie recommendations?
Did you start any strange nesting projects?

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Rachelle said...

I just got done reading The Descendants last night and it is really good!!! It's actually a movie right now, so you might have heard of it!! Hang in there!! Elliona is on a count down!!!