Friday, February 17, 2012

Creating New Life. Week 40

Husbands. When your wife has endured 40 long weeks of pregnancy, is patiently waiting to give birth to your child and remarks, "pretty soon my belly will be too big to even fit into your t-shirts..." Do not respond with "don't get them all stretched out!" I also don't recommend bringing home the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition and displaying it in the open. I mean I get it. At this point you may need to glance at a more slender version of the female form, but quite honestly I don't. Swimwear is actually a frightening thought for me at this point.

I do however recommended endless back massages without complaint and special treats like raisnets and gummy worms. Thanks for being a great husband Jim.

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Mary Ellen said...

You look great! The only advice I can give is take a nap every day! Savor the quiet time and relax! Definetely read a book/magazine! Once baby comes these things seem to disappear! (for a while anyway!) We are thinking of you!