Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spring Fashion

I didn't buy a maternity coat, so I recently had to switch over to a ridiculous over sized tent version of a jacket called my hubby's fleece. I can squeeze into my ski coat, but it requires a second person to zip me in. And it's snug. And hard to breath. So I try to limit time spent in the ski coat to the coldest of family walk time with Jim and Sofee. Yesterday it was just too cold for me during the day for an outside walk with only the fleece so I decided on some mall walking instead.

I'm loving all the bold colors for spring.
Especially the pinks and fushias.
Lots of stripes and bright bottoms.
And straight legs, cuffed with cute oxfords.


What I find a little disturbing is the neon. Why I understand the fashion trends tend to be cyclical, there are just somethings that we should leave in the 80s. While a little neon yellow belt or bracelet might be a cute add on I'm really hesitant to go full out fluorescent again, plus I spotted several off the shoulder tops and cut off sweatshirts in the more junior-ish stores. Good lord help us if the foot high, feathered AquaNet bangs come back.....


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