Friday, July 27, 2012

Catching Up

A little catch up is in order, don't you think?  Mostly I've been busy rolling around, playing,  and tickling my little monkey.

She's just so interactive and fun right now.  I can hardly pull myself away to get anything productive done, so forget the ole blog.  She has taken to longer daytime naps and will sleep independently in her crib, so I use that time to race around like crazy and get some household chores under control.  But don't go snooping around in the corners or  under my couch because there are definitely big, disgusting dust balls and lord knows what else hanging out there.

The garden is heading into heavy production season.  Thanks to Jim's hard work and a mild winter, we've had a pretty steady supply of fresh produce. But things are really starting to pick up now to the point where we will have to be diligent about including the fresh stuff in our meal planning so nothing goes to waste....fresh salsa, bruschetta, zucchini fritters and eggplant pizza are on our weekend menu....maybe even some fresh pesto if I get really ambitious.  I've also been experimenting with ice tea varieties and refrigerated oatmeal. Hopefully I'll get some food/recipe related posts up soon.

The pool filter pump is broken.  Stupid pool.  It's so freaking high maintenance.  It's lucky that Riesling LOVES the pool now because I think Jim might be tempted to fill it full of dirt otherwise.

He'll be spending the afternoon replacing the motor on the pump while Riesling and I attend a bridal shower at The Melting Pot.   I'm not sure what sounds like more torture....mechanical repairs when you don't really know what the hell you're doing or taking your grabbing, exploring infant to a place filled with hot fondue pots.


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