Friday, December 21, 2012

Home for the Holidays

This video made me laugh!  So, so true.  I've been away from "home" for over a decade now so I'm kind of use to it. I remember the first couple of years of college I would try to make a ton of plans and try to see all these people (like old teachers!) but now I rarely go anywhere that isn't the house of a direct family member.  Every once in awhile I venture out to Bob Evan's to meet one of my high school or college friends for breakfast.

Jim and I will be heading to Ohio for New Year's Eve.  Aside from seeing my crazy awesome little niece and nephews and hanging with the fam, I'm most looking forward to driving really slow with almost no one else on the road.  On the other hand I'll be hard pressed to find a good cup of coffee without driving 45 minutes.  Damn you win every time.

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