Thursday, December 6, 2012

Me, Myself, and I

Why is it so hard for moms to take time for themselves?  Mom guilt is such a weird thing.  I get so focused on making sure everyone in my wee lil family is Ok that I forget about me.  In some regards it's no big deal but not only do I sometimes just need a break from the long days, I don't want to get o the place where I can't find the "me" anymore.  I think it's important to stay an individual and engage in small things you enjoy.

I've really been working on taking some quality time for myself, like recently taking a 3 hour photography class ($25 Groupon! wootwoot), letting Jim hang with Riesling while I go to the grocery store alone, which most certainly includes a pit stop at Starbucks, or going out for a drink after work to celebrate my birthday with my coworkers even though it means Jim putting Riesling to bed (gasp!).

I don't know why I struggle with taking a time out so much, especially on days when I really need it.  If I'm tired, worn out, or frustrated after a long day with a cranky teething baby I'm not being my best mom self anyways.   And just an hour alone helps clear my head and I come home refreshed and ready to dive back in. Like I said mom guilt is weird.  Aside from those occasional outings solo,  I'm also working on taking better care of myself on a day to day basis.  Again, healthy mommy equals happy mommy.  Here's my hit list:

Drink more water.  It is ridiculous that I have to put this in writing, but for some reason during the winter months I tend to forget about hydration.  I don't drink much else besides coffee, tea, and a glass of wine at night so it's not like I'm drinking a lot of soda or anything, I'm just not drinking anything at all.  No good.

Take my vitamins.  I go through spurts where I forget all about those magic little pills.  I take D3, prenatal multivitamins, and a B12 everyday.  I also like to take an Omega 3 supplement of some sort, I prefer flaxseed or flaxseed oil in a smoothie or something but if I don't fit that it I need to remember to take the pill.  I started

Eat lunch. Another stupid one.  Why am I not taking time to freakin' eat?!  Usually what happens is that I get some consumed with playtime, nap time, squeezing in chores, and getting an afternoon walk in with the dog that I just grab something quick.  Blue chips & hummus with a handful of almonds is not a proper lunch.  I just don't want to take the time to prepare something.  Work days are better because I pack a salad or leftovers the night before so I think I'll just try to prep something the night before for the other days too.

Workout at least 3 days a week.  Jim and I both struggle with this one.  Neither of us wants to get up early and take a morning shift at the Jim and we both kind of hate working out after dinner so it leaves a really small window Monday, Wednesday, & Friday for one of us to go to the gym after Jim gets home from work (no daycare at the place we belong to).  Of course there are the weekends which we tend to pile up with projects and family time and just kind of forget about weight lifting.  Luckily my job is physical in nature so I'm not sitting at a desk for long periods, we walk everyday with the dog, and Riesling is 20+lbs upper body workout all day long.  So, I'm not completely neglecting myself.  I think I need to start adding a in home workout during morning nap time a few days a week.  Any recommendations for videos or quick but effective routines?

Finding balance is hard but I definitely think I'm doing better than just a month ago.  I'll keep you posted on my success!

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