Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Letters from Riesling

Hello Friends & Family,

Now that I am getting to such a big girl my dad says it is time for me to "start pulling my weight."  Lots of chores we do as a family and some stuff is more one persons job.  Like Sofee dog cleans all the crumbs off the floor and Daddy puts out the trash.  I have become an excellent helper for Mommy.  We fold laundry together and I dump the basket over and push it all over the room, then I throw the piles of clothes or towels all over the room so it looks really colorful and pretty.  I am also a big help at running the vacuum.  I love being close to the action so Mommy has to hold me on one hip while she pushes with the other hand.  I like to grab the cord but I'm not allowed to put it in my mouth.  At dinner I throw lots of stuff on the floor so Sofee dog can feel useful.  Maybe she needs more chores on her list because I find her sleeping during the day an awful lot!

Love always,

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