Monday, December 17, 2012

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

It's no secret to those who know me, I love the holiday season.  I grew up in a home that was decked from top to bottom and smelled like cinnamon and spice all December and well into January.  There were soft twinkling lights and special fancy glasses with candy canes.  My mom loved to decorate for the holidays and putting together little special themed gift baskets for friends and family.   I even had an annual holiday gift exchange and sleep over with my girl friends.

It was only natural that it would stick with me.  I think I was the only college kid with my own tote of Christmas decorations and my own tree (not table top size) in my little college apartment even though I don't think anyone else was really around to see it but me. The first few years Jim and I were together it might have been a little overwhelming for him to deal with my excessive holiday cheer. Thanks to a certain little cutie pie, he's finally starting to come around and has enjoyed every step of the holiday season without complaint this year. 

Saturday we survived our 2nd annual "Robinson Family" Holiday Party with pretty good success (a look back out our first annual). Our house is nice and open and perfect for holding lots of people.  This year we went for a little more kid friendly party (aka lets get this thing started early so everyone is out of here by 10:00) with a freshly painted and babyproofed basement where Riesling was a lovely hostess and entertained her little friends (I suck.  There are no pictures).

Although the crowd cleared out early enough we were still pretty exhausted on Sunday and just had a lazy family day.  It's so nice and cozy with the tree lit and a few candles burning.  We did venture out to see Santa at the Historic Langhorne Library.  Riesling didn't exactly hate Santa, but I wouldn't go so far as to say she actually like him either.  

"I guess I can trust a guy with sleigh bells"

"Let's see...did I forget anything on my list?" 

 "Daddy you better not leave me with this guy"

 We didn't get any super smiley happy pictures but I still pretty darn cute.  It's such a sweet little thing that our town does.  There were maybe a half dozen kids when we were there and they hand out cookies, juice boxes, and coloring books.  Santa is really patient and will let you take a million pictures if you want.  There's no crazy line or crazy shopping mall madness going on.  We will definitely be making it a yearly tradition. 

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