Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another year gone by

It's been a pretty crappy blogging month for me.
Ehh, what's one to do about it.
Moving on....

Yesterday was Jim's birthday.  He is now a youthful thirty-three.  We usually have his family over for a little food, cake, and merriment but he requested an even lower key affair with just Riesling and I.  I think once you're in full adult full time career with a wife, house, and kid one birthday is the same as the next.   I mean that in the best possible way of course.  Jim didn't actually say that but I just kind of inferred it by his request and overall lack of excitement for the occasion.  Maybe he feels so completely different now than last week and didn't want to mention it. He probably just feels achy and stiff because he's old now.

I happen to be a fan of Jim getting older.  I particularly like having someone to age gracefully with. I also happen to be a fan of birthdays.  So, Riesling and I spent the day making him a special carrot cake, a birthday card and decorating the kitchen table while he was off working like a dog.

We made a birthday dinner complete with special vegan pizzas with Daddy's favorite spices and topped with crispy roasted kale (I think I'll post that recipe tomorrow) followed by a bit of singing, wish making, cake chowing, and gifts.

Hope it was a great day Jim!  Happy Birthday!

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