Sunday, January 20, 2013

Recipes & Pinterest

I get on kicks every few months where all I want to do is try new recipes.  I guess maybe it's more like I get in ruts and start cooking the same stuff week after week which eventually leads to me desperately needing to try something different.  Either way, the kitchen has been in full go lately. I've been leafing through old cookbooks and hitting up Pinterest for ideas and inspiration and tried out a few things we really loved (and some that were just Ok).

Crockpot Black Beans and Rice for an easy vegan taco night (I used basmiti rice and added 1/2 more broth).  We used gluten free corn tortillas and topped it with avocado and salsa.  I was really wishing for a hint of lime and cilantro.  A definite for next time.  Also would be great for a side dish.

Beet Hashbrowns.  I saw this one in a magazine and was so psyched to try it.  Overall it was just Ok.  It was a lot of prep and took a lot longer to cook than the recipe indicated.  I also had trouble getting the whites to set in the eggs.  I actually think it would have been better without the eggs.

Kale Salad.  This was super easy and so delicious.  Jim and I both love kale and I love finding new ways to eat it raw.  I didn't have (and couldn't find) currants so I used dried cranberries.  Other wise I pretty much followed the recipe.

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites.  The one thing Jim occasional craves since adopting a vegetarian diet is wings.  This recipe did the trick for him.  I used Bob's Red Mills all purpose gluten free flour and Sriracha hot sauce, which my brother introduced me to.  So so good!  We will definitely be making these again real soon.

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