Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snow Angel

We were greeted in Ohio by my warm loving family...and 20 degree temperatures and lots of fresh snow.  Jim and I decided to ring in Riesling first New Year with a little tutorial on on the fun things you can do in the snow.

First, we explained how to properly prepare yourself for the conditions.  This involves putting on a lot of crazy snow gear.  There's the layering, the zipping, the hats, gloves, & boots.  And of course it takes forever and by the time you're done you're sweating and just can't wait to jump into a chilly snow bank.

Riesling of course hated her snowsuit (she looked so darn cute!).  I think mostly she just hated that she couldn't move around very easily.  But she was a champ and allowed us to proceed with the antics.  Once outside Jim decided a little taste test was the first order of business.  We made sure to warn her against any areas with a yellowish tint.

We moved on to the classic snow angel.  I'm not sure that Riesling was impressed with the process but she seemed to like the end result.

 Next up was some general playful frolic. I'm sure as she gets older this will involve a little more racing around and snowball throwing, but for her first time she decided to go with some good old fashion crawling and worm like activity.  She seemed to be having actual fun at this point.

 Frolic led nicely into making a snowman. 

This lead to more eating of the snow, followed by crying because she wanted to walk but couldn't manage it in the snowsuit and within 10 minutes we were back indoors explaining the magic of hot chocolate.  So so much fun ahead little angel.

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