Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pirate Party

A few weeks ago we attended a Captain AJ's 3rd Birthday party.  They went Pinterest crazy and really did up the pirate theme.  They made really cute decorations, had buried treasure in the sandbox, and there was even a pirate ship! 

Riesling spent most of her time in the sandbox.  This girl loves the combination of getting dirty and digging.

She made sure to venture over to the pirate ship mostly to retrieve the laundry basket that was holding the foam "swords"(I've totally trained her to think folding laundry is a super fun game).

The invitation requested that guest wear there favorite pirate themed attire.  What's more fun than playing dress up mostly to please a 3 year old? 

I searched our closets and came up with most of what we needed.  I topped off our little outfits with a trip to the craft store for a few foam eye patches (which no one actually ended up wearing) and a few red bandannas.  On the inside of the package for the bandanna was a huge list of about 50 "uses" including: make a bikini, measuring tool, tourniquet, cover a cigar box for a purse, spruce up tennis shoes, emergency diaper, and create a child's footstool.  I was cracking up reading the list.  Seriously bandanna sales must be hurting in today's economy.

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