Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Work Life Balance

I came across the link to this article through another blog (although I don't remember which one) a few weeks back and it really stayed with me.  It's definitely something I have struggled with over the last few years.  I was a really ambitious student and young professional.  A real "change the world" kind of young woman.  All that changed when we decided to start a family.  I actually left a really successful well paying job mainly because of my issues with infertility. 

Since then work has never been a top notch, high stress priority for me.  It was hard for me in the beginning not to be an equal contributor to our household income.  It was also hard for me to see my job as a mother and in the home as important rather than necessary.  But I think over time I am coming to realize that I really am Ok with it.  I am really happy to still be active in my profession and love that I have the opportunity to help people achieve a happy and healthier life.  I am also really happy that this occurs on a part time basis, that I can bring Riesling to work with me, and I have control over my schedule and how much my professional life carries over into my family and home life.

I am not at all saying I am necessarily against anyone who choosing otherwise.  I just know that this is what works for me and my family right now.  I know that my professional life and career aspirations will always be there and precious moments of my little babies will not.  I also know that I don't need fancy cars, luxury vacations, or expensive clothes.  "I'm not ambitious, and that's Ok."

 Riesling working with Mommy, May 2013

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